Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), is an American provider of industrial automation and information products. Brands include Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation employs over 22,000 people and has customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Rockwell Automation products range:
Circuit & Load Protection
Circuit Breakers
Disconnect Switches
Electronic Circuit Protection
Fuse Holders
Low Voltage Motor Protectors
Medium Voltage Motor Protectors
Supplementary Motor Protectors
Surge Protectors & Filters

Condition Monitoring
Integrated Machine Condition Monitoring System
Condition Monitoring Software
Protection Modules
Portable Data Collectors
Condition Monitoring Sensors

Connection Devices
I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems
Cordsets & Field Attachables
Network Media
Power Media
Safety Connection Systems
Terminal Blocks

Drives & Motors
Drive Software
Drives, AC Low Voltage
Drives, AC Medium Voltage
Drives, DC
Drives, Servo
Motors, Industrial
Motors, Servo

Energy Monitoring
PowerMonitor 5000
PowerMonitor 1000
PowerMonitor 500
Current Transformers
Combination Generator Control Module
Capacitor Bank Controller
PowerMonitor W250
i-Sense Voltage Monitor

Input/Output (I/O) Modules
Chassis-Based I/O
Embedded Distributed I/O
Distributed I/O, In-Cabinet Block
Distributed I/O, In-Cabinet Modular
Distributed I/O, On-Machine Block
1738 ArmorPOINT I/O Modules

Lighting Control
Combination Lighting Contactors
Feeder Disconnect Lighting Contactors
Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

Motion Control
Drives, Servo
Motion Software
Motors, Servo

Motor Control
Control & Load Switches
Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage
Motor Control Centers, Medium Voltage
Soft Starters, Low Voltage
Soft Starters, Medium Voltage
Starters, Low Voltage

Networks Security & Infrastructure
Chassis-based Communication Modules
ControlNet Network
DeviceNet Network
EtherNet/IP Network
Gateway & Linking Devices
IO-Link Technology
Other Industrial Networks
Process Instrumentation Networks

Operator Interfaces
Computers, Extreme Environment
Computers, Industrial Environment
Graphic Terminals
Industrial Monitors
MobileView Tethered Operator Terminals

Power Supplies
ArmorPower On-Machine Power Supplies
DySC Voltage Sag Protectors
Control Circuit Transformers
Switched Mode Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Programmable Controllers
Large Control Systems
Small Control Systems
Micro & Nano Control Systems

Push Buttons & Signaling Devices
30 mm Operators
22 mm Operators
Emergency Stop Devices
Hazardous Location Operators
Specialty Operators
Audible Devices
Visual Devices

Relays & Timers
General Purpose Relays
General Purpose Timing Relays
IEC Industrial Relays
NEMA Industrial Relays
NEMA Industrial Timing Relays
Solid-state Relays

Safety Products
Safety Connection Systems
Safety Drives
Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules
Safety Motion Control
Safety Motor Control
Presence Sensing Safety Devices
Safety Programmable Controllers
Safety Relays
Safety Switches
Single-function Relays with Delayed Outputs

Sensors & Switches
Presence Sensing Devices
Limit Switches
Condition Sensing Devices
High-Frequency RFID
Hazardous Location Switches

Signal Interface
Signal Conditioners
Intrinsic Safety Modules